Local Club lacrosse in Acton, Concord, Westford, Littleton, Chelmsford MA



The Red Tail Lacrosse (Our) Mission Statement is to provide a local, affordable, & competitive lacrosse club to maximize “out of season” stick skills and player development.  We want student athletes to play multiple sports but believe that "out of season" practice is necessary to remain competitive among your peers.  

  • Leadership and Coaching - Excellent coaching staff who are passionate and experienced success at the highest collegiate level. 
  • Local facilities -Travel drastically reduces the overall enjoyment and adds to a family’s commitment to the sport.  We get it!
  • Affordability - We understand and drive value through a low cost per session model
  • Competitiveness- At all grade levels, having "like ability" players play against each other will maximize player development.  We are also focused on technique and repetition to build important muscle memory. Live game situations will ensure player enjoyment and comprehension of lacrosse IQ.
  • Timing: The fall and winter are the best off seasons for young players to learn and practice critical lacrosse fundamentals. Set your player up for success during the OFFSEASON!